Choosing a tent for your event

Here are some things to consider when determining the size of tent you'll need:

  • How big is the area where the tent will be set.
  • For groups standing or seated in rows, allow 7-10 sq. ft. per person.
  • For groups sitting at banquet tables allow 10 sq. ft. per person.
  • For groups sitting at round tables allow 15 sq. ft. per person.
  • Buffet lines and special use areas like bars, DJ/sound, or coat check.
  • Stages and dance floor area.
  • Special exhibits or booth spaces (including aisles).
  • Special equipment or displays pertaining to your event.

When it comes to what style of tent you need consider these questions:

  • How long do I need the tent for?
  • What purpose will the tent serve for my event?
  • Do I want to draw attention to my event with some color?
  • Will center poles be in the way?
  • How much space do I have to set a tent?
  • Will the site allow us to properly stake the tent or will it need to be weighted?