Super Tent®

Super Tent Line

The Super Tent® is our premier tent structure and an excellent choice for any event. It gives new meaning to the word tent by offering several advantages over the traditional center pole style of tent. It is by far the most robust tent out there standing tall in the midst of all sorts of adverse weather. Super Tents® are commonly used for weddings, trade shows, sales events, concerts, fairs, and extra work space. They are the perfect choice when you need a tent for an extended period of time.

The advantages of the Super Tent®

  • It is a clear span structure, meaning there are no center poles. This gives you full use of the interior with no obstructions.
  • It is anchored at the base of each leg and doesn't need guy ropes around the outside perimeter. Therefore, it does not require extra space beyond its actual size.
  • The fabric is fixed to the framework in tracks including the sidewalls which are fixed to each leg. This allows you to have an opening between any two legs (which are 15' apart) around the tent. In addition, being fixed from leg to leg, the sidewalls are much less vulnerable to the wind keeping the inside calm and protected.
  • The fact that the Super Tent® can be closed in tight allows it to be easily heated in the winter or kept cool in the summer.
  • You can add any of our accessory options to the Super Tent®. This includes liners which are made just for the Super Tent®.
  • The Super Tent® is the most versatile tent we have. We can set it on taller legs, with an overhang on the end, as a stage cover, or we can set two different sizes together as one tent.

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