Listed below are some items that are commonly needed or added with tent rentals. If there is something you are interested in but you don't see it below, please contact us!


Brighten things up with some lights. We can install them in any of our tents with a cord leading down to the side of the tent for you to plug into your power source.


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent option for keeping things cool. They provide really nice air movement within the tent. Our Super Tents® can also be equipped with air conditioning.


Sidewall Options

Although matching sidewalls are free with the tent rental, sometimes the occasion requires a different look. Screen walls are excellent for maintaining air flow while keeping out flies and mosquitoes.



We frequently use our decking as a stage for your event. We can also use it to level an uneven area or cover a swimming pool in order to set one of our clear span structures. In addition to making the ground more walking friendly, flooring and carpet really dress up a tent. We also offer dance floor when people need to boogie.



Glass doors can be added to our Super Tents® and Unique™ Frame Tents to give a more formal entrance and exit.



Our heaters make winter tents a viable and comfortable option.



A liner can be added to our Super Tents® to hide the framework giving them a more formal look. It is also useful to catch condensation on a heated tent in the wintertime.



The safest way to set a tent is with the proper stakes/anchors. Holes made in asphalt (1" diameter or less) and concrete (3/8" diameter) are easily patched. Patching holes is included with your tent rental. However, our concrete weights can be used as anchors when it is not possible to to use stakes.



When signs (i.e. no smoking, exit) and fire extinguishers are necessary, we can provide them for you.